Is Increasing Flexibility About Increasing Muscle Length or Adapting to Sensation?

What’s This Research About? The current landscape of yoga contains different forms and schools of practice, each with their own explanations about what happens in your body when practicing yoga. Many times these explanations contradict each other. When trying to get a grip on what is most likely to be true, reading [...]

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ACSM Recommendations: Hamstring Flexibility Improvement After 12 Weeks

What’s This Research About? Maintaining and/or improving flexibility is one of several recommendations in The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for fitness and health. Different studies have evaluated different stretching programs. This study aims to evaluate ACSM’s recommendations on stretching, specifically on the hamstring muscles, by (1) comparing two techniques; [...]

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The Latest in Fascia Research

What’s This Research About? This paper provides an overview of fascial research. Researchers explore the role fascia plays in physiological and metabolic function; the authors explain our understanding of fascia and its purpose. TITLE: Frontiers in Fascia Research ORIGINAL LINK PUBLICATION: Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies DATE: 2018 AUTHORS : Carla Alessandra, [...]

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Does Yoga Improve Chronic Non‐Specific Low Back Pain?

What’s This Research About? This Cochrane review evaluates the current evidence about yoga as a therapeutic intervention for individuals with NSLBP compared to no specific treatment, a minimal intervention such as education, or another active treatment, such as exercise. Pain, function, and adverse effects are also considered. TITLE: Yoga treatment for chronic [...]

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Do People With Back Pain Use Their Back Muscles Differently Than Those Without Back Pain?

What’s This Research About? Some people experience back pain after standing for long periods of time (pain developers (PDs)) while others do not (non-pain developers (NPDs)). Is it possible that they use their posterior muscles differently? This study investigated exactly that by assessing whether or not there was altered muscular recruitment during [...]

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Effects of Stretching on Joint Contractures: A Systematic Review

What’s This Research About? A contracture is a severe medical condition that negatively impacts quality of life through diminished joint function. The etiology of contractures, however, is not well understood. Contractures could be caused by burns, fractures, muscle atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, joint capsulitis, stroke, cerebral palsy, brain or spinal cord injuries, surgery, [...]

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Is Sacroiliac Joint Instability Related to Chronic Pelvic Pain?

What’s This Research About? Sacroiliac joint instability is one of the possible causes of low back pain and pelvic girdle pain. However, it is difficult to determine true movement of the SI joint.  This study measures movement in the SI joint using Radiostereometric analysis (RSA is considered a highly precise and accurate way [...]

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Do Strengthening and Stretching Exercises Alter the Resting Position of the Scapulae?

What’s This Research About? The aim of this research review is to examine whether the evidence supports an exercise intervention of stretching the anterior aspect of the shoulder and strengthening the scapular retractors to alter the resting position of the scapula in individuals with abducted scapulae. TITLE: Effectiveness of Strengthening and Stretching [...]

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