About Catherine Cowey

Catherine spent much of her youth participating in all manner of athletics ranging from cross country and track, to crew, boxing and yoga. During all of these athletic endeavors she endured her fair share of injuries which led her to study Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology at the University of San Francisco. Her thirst for knowledge and fascination with the wonder of the human body led her to post graduate work in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University while still working as a personal trainer and assisting in physical therapy clinics. Her practice has continued to evolve over the last 20 years by studying the latest research while also attending multiple continuing education courses in a breadth of modalities such as FMS I and II, PRI (Myokinematics, Respiration), massage therapy, FRC, FR, and several pain education seminars.  Recognizing that she has a hypermobile body herself she dove into research on hypermobility spectrum disorders including EDS. She has used this research, her own experience, and clinical success with hypermobile clients to figure out the best ways to deal with many of the multi-faceted symptoms that come along with having joint hypermobility syndrome. She has also taken this knowledge and now teaches fitness professionals on all the complexities of this condition.  Learn more about Catherine.
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