About Us

Our Mission

We write easy-to-read summaries of published research about yoga and movement.

Despite information overload online, scientific research remains intimidating and exclusive. We hope to change this by creating effective science communication for all yoga and movement professionals. We are passionate about empowering you with reliable, science-based resources, making scientific research more approachable, and removing the barriers of scientific jargon.

About YR&B

As a yoga teacher or movement professional, you may be interested in what the research says, but don’t know how to find it, can’t always afford it, don’t have time to read it, and don’t understand the academic jargon. We spend a lot of time doing all that for you. We look for, read and write about research that is relevant to you. We aim to objectively explain it in order to make complex information accessible and applicable to your teaching.

YR&B is a premium continuing education resource for yoga and movement professionals to help you stay current on the latest research. Yoga teachers need more direct access to this kind of information to balance out all the yoga dogma with critical thinking and scientific analysis. Too often we rely on word of mouth or are overwhelmed with confusing, conflicting content on blogs and social media.

You can access our articles by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. Annual and monthly subscriptions give you access to the entire library of reviews which is growing every month. We also have online courses about yoga research and videos in development. Invest in your continuing education. For a fraction of the cost of trainings and certifications you can gain a new level of confidence and credibility in your teaching.