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YR&B Testimonials (View All)

YR&B is *amazing*! I love the design and the look and feel of the site. It’s really clean and well-organized. And the article reviews are really intuitively-organized with just the right amount of into, and they are really easy to read with their different sections and explanations. I am so impressed and excited about this awesome new resource for the yoga community and I can’t wait to explore it more!

Jenni Rawlings, IL

I like the science behind the research and how it is listed. It is visually appealing and easy to digest the information.  I have listened to many podcasts on some of these topics and this is better use of my time than listening.  It is more beneficial to have the written research in front of you at your fingertips rather than taking notes during a podcast. I know it has helped create discussion during my classes. It’s also helpful when I speak to people who are going to hire me as a yoga teacher.  It’s helpful to have research about the science of yoga to “mythbust” the airy fairy stereotype most athletic coaches and athletes have about yoga.  

Julie M., IL

I like the way the articles are sorted, so you can search by various methods and topics. And I love the What Does It Mean For Teachers section! This will help me prep for workshops when I need content on a specific subject  and I need research to help support (or perhaps even question) what were practicing. A workshop setting is an ideal environment to share this type of content because I know they’re serious and there to learn.

Jordana E. , NJ

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Ariana RabinovitchFounder, Contributor
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Jenn PilottiContributor
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Jules MitchellContributor
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Elizabeth BergerContributor
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