Do People With Back Pain Use Their Back Muscles Differently Than Those Without Back Pain?

What’s This Research About? Some people experience back pain after standing for long periods of time (pain developers (PDs)) while others do not (non-pain developers (NPDs)). Is it possible that they use their posterior muscles differently? This study investigated exactly that by assessing whether or not there was altered muscular recruitment during [...]

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Mirror Neurons and Movement Patterns

What’s This Research About? This broken escalator aftereffect has been proven in previous experiments. In this study, they wanted to see if simply observing someone reacting to a moving surface (sled) (not having previous experience with the sled) would still result in compensatory movement to an anticipated unstable surface in the observer. [...]

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Aging and Learning New Complex Tasks

What’s This Research About? To determine whether older adults benefit from random order practice or blocked practice when learning a complex, bimanual task. Retention of a learned skill is affected by how we practice. Older adults may experience a loss of performance levels during various motor tasks; in order to regain those [...]

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