Is Stretching a Waste of Time?

What’s This Research About? Flexibility is classified as one of the five essential components of fitness by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). This paper argues that flexibility should be considered a secondary component of fitness as a) most forms of passive stretching do not have a major impact on general [...]

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Is Increasing Flexibility About Increasing Muscle Length or Adapting to Sensation?

What’s This Research About? The current landscape of yoga contains different forms and schools of practice, each with their own explanations about what happens in your body when practicing yoga. Many times these explanations contradict each other. When trying to get a grip on what is most likely to be true, reading [...]

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ACSM Recommendations: Hamstring Flexibility Improvement After 12 Weeks

What’s This Research About? Maintaining and/or improving flexibility is one of several recommendations in The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for fitness and health. Different studies have evaluated different stretching programs. This study aims to evaluate ACSM’s recommendations on stretching, specifically on the hamstring muscles, by (1) comparing two techniques; [...]

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Effects of Stretching on Joint Contractures: A Systematic Review

What’s This Research About? A contracture is a severe medical condition that negatively impacts quality of life through diminished joint function. The etiology of contractures, however, is not well understood. Contractures could be caused by burns, fractures, muscle atrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, joint capsulitis, stroke, cerebral palsy, brain or spinal cord injuries, surgery, [...]

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Do Strengthening and Stretching Exercises Alter the Resting Position of the Scapulae?

What’s This Research About? The aim of this research review is to examine whether the evidence supports an exercise intervention of stretching the anterior aspect of the shoulder and strengthening the scapular retractors to alter the resting position of the scapula in individuals with abducted scapulae. TITLE: Effectiveness of Strengthening and Stretching [...]

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Stretching Concepts for Exercise and Rehabilitation

What’s This Research About? This paper looks at the research surrounding stretching and how it fits into a well-rounded physical activity program and/or in a rehabilitation setting. TITLE: Current Concepts in Muscle Stretching for Exercise and Rehabilitation ORIGINAL LINK PUBLICATION: International Journal of Sports and Physical Therapy DATE: 2012 AUTHORS : Phil Page Active muscle tension: [...]

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Can We Train Fascia?

What’s This Research About? Dr. Schleip is interested in the molecular, biomechanical, and neurophysiological traits of fascia. The authors review the foundational makeup of fascia and recommend practical exercises to train strong and resilient tissue. Dr. Schleip believes that training fascia in these ways will make it less prone to injury. TITLE: Training [...]

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Comparison of Four Hamstring Stretches

What’s This Research About? What’s the best hamstring stretch? It’s never that easy! Even though we believe flexibility is beneficial for athletic performance and for general well-being, there isn’t much research that proves its effectiveness. In addition, knowing which stretching technique is the best to improve flexibility is up for debate. This study [...]

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Eccentric Training and Lower Limb Flexibility

What’s This Research About? While passive stretching interventions increase flexibility for short periods of time (about 30 minutes), they do not appear to decrease risk of injury. Lower limb injuries are common in athletes. A few of the contributing factors can’t be changed, such as age, gender and previous injury history. However, [...]

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