Can Yoga Breathing Techniques Enhance Athletic Performance?

What’s This Research About? Most yogic breathing techniques aim to help with anxiety, tension, and relaxation. But breathing techniques can also boost athletic performance by increasing power output, strength, and even tolerance to extreme temperatures, the latter purported by the teachings of Wim Hof.  Several researchers have found increased power and strength [...]

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The Latest in Fascia Research

What’s This Research About? This paper provides an overview of fascial research. Researchers explore the role fascia plays in physiological and metabolic function; the authors explain our understanding of fascia and its purpose. TITLE: Frontiers in Fascia Research ORIGINAL LINK PUBLICATION: Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies DATE: 2018 AUTHORS : Carla Alessandra, [...]

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Yoga and Athletic Performance: College Athletes

What’s This Research About? This study looks at the effect of a yoga program on the athletic performance on male college athletes. They hypothesized that a regular yoga practice for 10 weeks would improve their balance, flexibility and joint angles. TITLE: Impact of 10 weeks of yoga practice on flexibility and balance of [...]

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Yoga and Athletic Performance: Speed Skating

What’s This Research About? The researchers hypothesized that a customized yoga program would improve the speed skaters “physical literacy” and “muscle synergy” and that the newly learned movements skills would transfer to their skating. They wanted to see if adding yoga classes to their regular training programs would diversify their movement skills [...]

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Capoeira, Core Stability and Landing Jumps

What’s This Research About? Core stability training (CST) is popular in athletic training programs, however, there is not much research about how CST improves athletic performance. This study looks at how female athletes who practice Capoeira might benefit from CST and how it impacts their landing kinetics. Landing kinetics are important because [...]

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