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This study investigates the effects of static and dynamic hamstring stretching and how they impact eccentric peak hamstring torque and athletic performance in healthy men.

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Jenn Pilotti

TITLE: Chronic Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Hamstrings Eccentric Strength and Functional Performance: A Randomized Controlled Trial


PUBLICATION: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

DATE: 2019

AUTHORS: Germanna M. Barbosa, Gabriel S. Trajano, Glauko A.F. Dantas, Bianca R. Silva, and Wouber H. Brito Vieira

Dynamic stretching: Active movement that takes a muscle through a full range of motion

Eccentric force production: the ability of a muscle to produce force in a lengthened state

Isokinetic dynamometer: An instrument used to measure applied force throughout a joint’s range of motion

ROM: Range of motion. Refers to a joint’s ability to move through its complete range of movement. Passive range of motion is the range of motion that is achieved when an outside force moves the limb and causes movement at the joint; active range of motion is the amount of movement that occurs without an outside force.

Static stretching: Holding a position for a set amount of time

Torque: The amount of energy applied to the joint. Determined by multiplying amount of force applied by force arm

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