Research 101: Sampling Methods/How Does Research Apply to Your Clients?

What is Sampling? Sampling is the process of collecting units (e.g., people) that represent a bigger population of interest. The accessible population is the portion of the population that the researcher can access and sample from, otherwise referred to as the study population. Finally, the group of people or objects that are [...]

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Research 101: Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Research

Understanding Research Methods Many claims have emerged regarding yoga’s ability to cure various ailments, but it can be tricky to know which practices are truly evidence-based. Knowing how to interpret a study’s methodology can help you identify strengths and weaknesses of the research and make better sense of the results. Here’s a [...]

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How Yoga Affects Brain Structure and Anatomy

What’s This Research About? The scientific field of exercise science has extensively examined the effect of aerobic exercise on cognition and decision making, but far fewer studies have been conducted looking at the effects of yoga on the brain. This is the first study to investigate the anatomical and functional brain differences [...]

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Alternate Nostril Breathing: A Systematic Review

What’s This Research About? This was the first systematic review of studies about the physiological and cognitive effects of alternate nostril breathing (ANB), written by Dr. Shreya Ghiya. Pranayama refers to conscious breath modification by altering its rhythm, rate, duration, and depth. In yoga practice this breath manipulation is used to achieve a [...]

Yoga Compared to Walking: Effects on Mood, Anxiety, and Brain GABA Levels

What’s This Research About? Previous research has shown that yoga and exercise both have beneficial effects on mood and anxiety. It has also been shown that certain neurotransmitter activity, γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA), is decreased in mood and anxiety disorders. Researchers wanted to test if practicing yoga is associated with increased brain GABA [...]

Yoga Participation Among Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Low Income Adults

What’s This Research About? In the past twenty years there’s been a lot more research on the health benefits of yoga. Unfortunately the research has underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities and people of low socioeconomic status. These researchers specifically addressed this population with this study. They had two goals. First they assessed [...]

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Does Scapular Stability Matter?

What’s This Research About? This perspective article examines the idea that an unstable scapula is related to shoulder pathology and dysfunction. The authors question this long-held belief, challenging the concepts of scapular instability and scapula dyskinesia as causes of shoulder pain and dysfunction. TITLE: Critical and Theoretical Perspective on Scapular Stabilization: What [...]

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