Is Sacroiliac Joint Instability Related to Chronic Pelvic Pain?

What’s This Research About? Sacroiliac joint instability is one of the possible causes of low back pain and pelvic girdle pain. However, it is difficult to determine true movement of the SI joint.  This study measures movement in the SI joint using Radiostereometric analysis (RSA is considered a highly precise and accurate way [...]

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Hypermobility: A Commonly Overlooked Cause of Chronic Pain

What’s This Research About? The variability and breadth of symptoms of hypermobility spectrum disorders have confounded research and medical fields. Some of the confusion in the medical field is due to the lack of conclusive genetic testing, inconsistent nomenclature, or lack of awareness about the condition. In clinics this population often ends [...]

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Can Isometric Exercises Help with Pain Relief?

What’s This Research About? The primary goal of this research was to determine if isotonic or isometric exercise was effective at inducing an analgesic effect within a physical therapy protocol. The secondary goal was determining changes to cortical motor function in the CNS directly following an acute bout of exercise. Tendinopathy can [...]

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Review of Buteyko Breathing for Asthma

What’s This Research About? Research shows anywhere from 6-30% of asthma sufferers use breathing methods to alleviate their asthma symptoms in the UK. The authors reviewed six studies in which BBT was used for asthma. They noted that there is a paucity of definitive research on the efficacy of these breathing exercises, [...]

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Yoga for Shoulder and Spinal Movement in Women with Breast Cancer

What’s This Research About? This pilot study evaluates the effects of an eight-week yoga program on the upper body of women with stage one BCRL. BCRL can cause loss of shoulder ROM, strength, and altered biomechanics of the shoulder girdle. These biomechanical changes can lead to difficulty with activities of daily living [...]

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Effects of Six Months of Yoga on Breast Cancer Survivors

What’s This Research About? It’s been shown that yoga improves quality of life (QOL) and flexibility for cancer survivors, but how does it affect specific fitness markers in breast cancer survivors? This study assessed specific fitness outcomes such as VO2 max, strength, flexibility, BMI, and body fat. They also compared results from the [...]

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Restorative Yoga Vs. Stretching on Stress in People with Metabolic Syndrome

What’s This Research About? Researchers wanted to see if restorative yoga was effective at increasing the relaxation response enough to reduce stress, decrease cortisol, and improve psychosocial outcomes. They compare the effects of restorative yoga to stretching. It’s tempting to assume that restorative yoga would have a greater impact on stress levels.  [...]

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Proprioception in Arthritic Hips

What’s This Research About? This type of research gives us a better glimpse into how proprioception and movement work, and how they’re altered by mechanical changes. The purpose of this study is first to determine the existence of mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings in the hip joint and to distinguish between their [...]

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Therapeutic Yoga for Older Adults

What’s This Research About? This study investigated whether participating in a 12 week, 2 times a week Kripalu yoga class would increase older adults’ postural control, mobility, and gait speed assessed by the mini-BESTest described above, and a separate gait speed measurement. TITLE: The effects of a therapeutic yoga program on postural control, [...]

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