Date April 6, 2021
Time 2PM-4:30PM EST
Instructor Elizabeth Berger



As yoga research continues to increase, some favorable findings have emerged. However, many yoga and fitness professionals remain inconsistent in their implementation of evidence-based practice for a variety of reasons. Assessing and evaluating the quality of research findings can be convoluted and intimidating to say the least, so it is not surprising that practitioners may be reluctant to implement findings without fully understanding what they mean.

This course is an introduction for yoga teachers looking to integrate evidence-based practices into their activities and programming. Participants will learn how to critically review and dissect the strengths and limitations of research articles to better understand the credibility of the research and how to apply findings to their current practice. After this course, you will feel more confident in determining which articles are most trustworthy, assessing the strength of a study’s methodology and findings, and understanding how to apply the findings to your clients.  



You’ll learn:

  • Common research designs and sampling methods
  • Basic overview of common statistical terms
  • Assessing limitations of a research study
  • Real-life examples of how to dissect articles and synthesize research findings
  • Effectiveness of various practices within yoga research 

Note: This is a livestream course. Upon purchase, you will receive a zoom link to watch the course live. If you cannot attend live you will be able to watch the recording for a limited time.

  • Annual member price – $24
  • Regular price – $39