Date July 6, 2021
Time 5PM-7:30PM EST
Instructor Catherine Cowey



Awareness about hypermobility spectrum disorders (HSD) has increased in the last five to ten years, despite the paucity of research on the subject. The medical and research community are slowly catching up and properly seeing the seemingly unrelated symptoms and connecting the dots to connective tissue disorders. In certain cases, what used to be diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, or fibromyalgia is now being properly identified as part of the complex symptomatology found in those with HSD.

In this webinar we’ll cover literature reviews that summarize this condition focusing on the more prevalent symptoms of pain and fatigue that can stem from an underlying HSD. We’ll dive into what the research has uncovered with the complexities and mechanisms behind the many symptoms of HSD. Finally we’ll go over some management tools that the research and my own clinical practice has shown to ameliorate some of the symptoms. 


You’ll learn:

  • How the research has evolved
  • How pain and fatigue manifest from an underlying hypermobility condition
  • Other symptoms of HSD and how they contribute to pain and fatigue. 
  • Management tools that help bolster and strengthen hypermobile individuals to ease the complex symptomatology



Note: This is a livestream course. Upon purchase, you will receive a zoom link to watch the course live. If you cannot attend live you will be able to watch the recording for a limited time.

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