Yoga Can Cause Pain

What’s This Research About? The researchers note that as a complementary therapy, yoga has been shown to improve musculoskeletal ailments including neck pain, low back pain, and osteoarthritis. However, these yoga interventions are led in highly controlled experimental conditions which do not reflect the recreational yoga conditions the average practitioner may encounter [...]

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Chronic Pain and Hypermobility

What’s This Research About? This paper is a topical review on the complexity of hypermobility and chronic pain and provides an overview of the major challenges within hypermobility-related patient care and research. They also suggest potential solutions for the development of more accurate diagnostic procedures and more effective treatment. TITLE: Chronic pain in [...]

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Neck Pain and Virtual Feedback

What’s This Research About? This study looks at the effect of visual input and proprioception on pain. What if you knew that every time you turned your head past a certain point you felt pain? What if you used virtual reality (VR) technology to trick yourself into thinking you turned your head [...]

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