What’s This Research About?

This study looks at the effect of visual input and proprioception on pain. What if you knew that every time you turned your head past a certain point you felt pain? What if you used virtual reality (VR) technology to trick yourself into thinking you turned your head more or less than that point of pain? Would your pain response be altered? The researchers of this study asked these questions and hypothesized that not only would the pain response be altered but people with a history of neck pain would be able to turn their heads farther without pain if their perception was altered by VR technology. The VR tech would make the brain think they turned less than they actually had.

This study uses virtual reality technology to trick the subject into perceiving that they turned their head less or more than they actually did and then assess the pain threshold in each movement. This study does a great job of examining  the role of visual perception in pain.

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