What’s This Research About?

Dr. Schleip is interested in the molecular, biomechanical, and neurophysiological traits of fascia. The authors review the foundational makeup of fascia and recommend practical exercises to train strong and resilient tissue. Dr. Schleip believes that training fascia in these ways will make it less prone to injury.

TITLE: Training principles for fascial connective tissues: Scientific foundation and suggested practical applications.


PUBLICATION: Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

DATE: 2012

AUTHORS : Robert Schleip, Divo Gitta Muller

Fascia: The definition of fascia continually evolves with increasing research. Robert Schleip describes it as a “body wide tensional network which consists of all fibrous collagenous soft connective tissues.” The continuous network envelops and connects all muscles and organs. As research continues, it becomes clear that fascia comes in a variety of different densities, shapes, striations, and architectures due to all of the different tensional strains that are put on the tissue.

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