Date August 3, 2021
Time 2PM-4:30PM EST
Instructor Jenn Pilotti



In this course we will review the research of exercise interventions for chronic low back pain as well as what science suggests regarding the bio-psycho-social model.  Research shows the condition of chronic low back pain is multi-factorial. Some of the factors that contribute to chronic low back pain include:

  • Presence of disc pathology
  • The student’s belief about their pain
  • Self agency
  • Whether they feel supported and cared for by others
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Research suggests exercise interventions that increase strength, stamina, and balance can play a role in improving psychological markers, decreasing sensation of pain, and improving quality of life.

The goal behind reviewing the research and practically applying it is to enable you to more effectively communicate the importance of movement and exercise for chronic low back pain. Deepening your understanding of this topic will also enable you to:

  • Make more informed decisions about how to work with clients/students with chronic low back pain through exercise selection and regression
  • Understand how language and cues can impact experience
  • Better understand the importance of mindset for self efficacy and resilience

Case studies and practical examples will be included.



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