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The aim of this research review is to examine whether the evidence supports an exercise intervention of stretching the anterior aspect of the shoulder and strengthening the scapular retractors to alter the resting position of the scapula in individuals with abducted scapulae.

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Jenn Pilotti

TITLE: Effectiveness of Strengthening and Stretching Exercises for the Postural Correction of Abducted Scapulae: A Review


PUBLICATION: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

DATE: 2010

AUTHORS : Con Hrysomallis

Abducted scapulae: Scapulae that at rest are abducted in the frontal plane, protracted in the sagittal plane, and internally rotated about a vertical appearance. Gives the appearance of rounded shoulders.

Research review: A critical evaluation of recent research on a particular topic.

Scapular alignment: The position of the scapula at rest on the thorax

Scapulothoracic joint (ST joint): The functional joint formed by the scapula and the thorax. Lacks ligaments, a joint capsule, and direct osseous connections so it isn’t considered a true joint.

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