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This Cochrane review evaluates the current evidence about yoga as a therapeutic intervention for individuals with NSLBP compared to no specific treatment, a minimal intervention such as education, or another active treatment, such as exercise. Pain, function, and adverse effects are also considered.

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Jenn Pilotti

TITLE: Yoga treatment for chronic non-specific low back pain (Review)


PUBLICATION: Cochrane Library

DATE: 2017

AUTHORS : Wieland LS, Skoetz N, Pilkington K, Vempati R, D’Adamo CR, Berman BM

Acute Pain: Pain lasting less than four weeks

Chronic pain: Pain that lasts longer than three months

Low back pain: Pain or discomfort between the lower ribs and gluteal folds. 

NSLBP: Non-specific low back pain. Low back pain with no known cause

Subacute pain: Pain lasting 4-12 weeks

10 million: the number of adults in the US using yoga for health reasons

According to a 2012 survey, 19.7% of individuals are practicing yoga specifically for low back pain.

Low back pain affects 38-85% of the population.

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