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Is eccentric training better for building strength? Previous research suggests eccentric muscle actions differ from concentric muscle actions. Mechanically, eccentric muscle contraction leads to greater force production when compared to concentric muscle contractions. This preliminary research has lead researchers to speculate that eccentric resistance training could stimulate greater adaptations than concentric resistance training.

Even though previous research examined the differences between the two types of resistance training, there had not been a systematic review of the literature summarizing the findings or the scientific validity of the research. In this systematic review researchers hoped that by performing a review of the literature, they could determine if eccentric training is superior to concentric training in stimulating gains in muscle mass.

About The Author


Jenn Pilotti

TITLE: The Effects of Eccentric Versus Concentric Resistance Training on Muscle Strength and Mass in Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review with Meta-analysis


PUBLICATION: British Journal of Sports Medicine

DATE: 2009

AUTHORS: M. Roig, K O’Brien, G. Kirk, R. Murray, P. McKinnon, B. Shadgan, and W.D. Reid

Concentric Exercise: An exercise that emphasizes production of force while a muscle is shortening.

Eccentric Exercise: An exercise that emphasizes production of force while a muscle is lengthening.

Force: A push or pull that has both magnitude or direction and causes an object with mass to change its velocity.

Meta-analysis: An analysis that uses statistical methods to summarize the results of a group of studies.

Systematic Review: An analysis that answers a defined research question by collecting and summarizing all empirical evidence that fits pre-specified eligibility criteria.

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