What’s This Research About?

This type of research gives us a better glimpse into how proprioception and movement work, and how they’re altered by mechanical changes. The purpose of this study is first to determine the existence of mechanoreceptors and free nerve endings in the hip joint and to distinguish between their conditions: those with arthrosis and without arthrosis.

About The Author


Jenn Pilotti

TITLE: The characteristics of the mechanoreceptors of the hip with arthritis


PUBLICATION: Journal of Orthopedic Surgical Research

DATE: November 2011

AUTHORS : Miguel RB Moraes, Maria LC Cavalcante, José AD Leite, José N Macedo, Marianna LB Sampaio, Vagnaldo F Jamacaru, and Mariana G Santana

Mechanoreceptors: Sensory receptors that respond to a mechanical stimulus, such as pressure or tension.

Free nerve endings: The afferent nerve ending of a sensory neuron

Afferent: The part of the nervous system that brings information about the body to the brain

Efferent: The part of the nervous system that brings information from the brain to the body

Hip arthrosis: Bone to bone contact in the hip

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