Is One Yoga Style Better Than The Rest?

What’s This Research About?

Yoga is increasingly used as a therapeutic practice and more than half of those
who practice report using yoga to improve their overall health and wellbeing.
As with any industry, different brands (or styles) tout their method as the most
effective. In yoga, we see a rise in the types of offerings, each with their proclaimed
benefits, few of which (if any) are solidly supported by the research. This paper
attempts to review the published randomized control trials (RCTs) published
through February 2014 to see if one style of yoga has more positive outcomes
than another style of yoga.

About The Author


Jules Mitchell

TITLE: Is one yoga style better than another? A systematic review of association of yoga style and conclusions in randomized yoga trials


PUBLICATION: Complementary Therapies in Medicine

DATE: 2016

AUTHORS : Cramer, H., Lauche, R., Langhorst, J., Dobos, G.


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About the Author:

Jules Mitchell MS, CMT, ERYT500 is a Los Angeles based yoga teacher, educator and massage therapist. Her unique approach blends the tradition of yoga with her extensive study in biomechanics to help teachers develop their craft and empower them with education. Jules’s methods intend to achieve ease in movement through deliberate effort, thus her teachings integrate numerous modalities, balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science. Jules is currently writing her book, Yoga Biomechanics: Redefining Stretching, which is expected to become available in 2018 through Handspring Publishing. Learn more about Jules Mitchell.

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