What’s This Research About?

Yoga is an umbrella term for practices comprising a wide variety of elements, such as physical postures, breathwork, meditation techniques, and lifestyle advice. Increasing yoga-related research has left us with promising evidence for yoga interventions’ effect on several health outcomes, including musculoskeletal, mental health, and oncological conditions. While the number of published research articles on yoga interventions is skyrocketing, the deficient reporting of the yoga delivered in these interventions has raised questions and criticism. This lack of transparency restricts the dissemination and implementation of yoga research in clinical and community practice. Because of this, the current study’s authors created a simple-to-follow-and-understand checklist called CLARIFY for researchers to follow when conducting and publishing papers on yoga interventions. These guidelines can be applied to controlled trials, observational studies, and case studies. And maybe, as I will get to later in the text, it might even be useful in your own yoga practice.

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Sara Hoy

Person doing yoga

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