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Sara Hoy (MS, ERYT-500, CPT) is a published author and yoga teacher trainer based in Stockholm Sweden. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Health from Karolinska Institute and a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences where she continues to study movement analysis and sports medicine at an advanced university level. She is currently working in research projects involving yoga and exercise at the Center for Psychiatry Research and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. As part of the team at the Nordic Yoga Institute, Sara educates yoga teachers in both the 200 and 300 hr programs. When she's not at the lab she holds workshops, lectures and educates various groups on how to take a scientific approach to yoga. Her work turns yoga research, public health, and exercise science into actionable knowledge that can be used on the mat, in the gym, and in everyday life. Her first book ‘Yoga, Science & Facts’ (currently available in Swedish as ‘Yoga, vetenskap och fakta - därför fungerar det’) was released in March, 2019 by Sweden’s largest publisher, Bonnier Fakta. For more about Sara visit

Range of Intensity From Savasana to Power Yoga: Systematic Review

What’s This Research About? Practitioners of yoga have different intentions with their practice; such as cultivating spirituality, calming the mind, or being physically active through yoga poses and movements (asana). Googling ‘yoga’ results in thousands of reasons why yoga is the best tool for your health and an efficient path to fitness [...]

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Is Increasing Flexibility About Increasing Muscle Length or Adapting to Sensation?

What’s This Research About? The current landscape of yoga contains different forms and schools of practice, each with their own explanations about what happens in your body when practicing yoga. Many times these explanations contradict each other. When trying to get a grip on what is most likely to be true, reading [...]

By |2019-09-25T09:23:52-04:00September 24th, 2019|Musculoskeletal, Stretching|0 Comments

ACSM Recommendations: Hamstring Flexibility Improvement After 12 Weeks

What’s This Research About? Maintaining and/or improving flexibility is one of several recommendations in The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines for fitness and health. Different studies have evaluated different stretching programs. This study aims to evaluate ACSM’s recommendations on stretching, specifically on the hamstring muscles, by (1) comparing two techniques; [...]

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