About Ariana Rabinovitch

I've acquired many yoga and movement science certifications in order to get a modern understanding of the body and how we move. I started the Yoga & Beyond podcast and co-authored the Exposing Yoga Myths book series in order to share that perspective. Turns out there's a large audience hungry for this kind of information! YMR is the next step in that process of bringing modern science to yoga education. I also teach group classes, private sessions, and lead continuing education workshops for movement professionals. I have a straight-forward (no BS) approach that combines yoga with other movement disciplines to help clients be strong, restore mobility and feel energized. Rather than the typical fast and furious yoga "workout", I emphasize mindful and practical strength in movement. Learn more about Ariana.

Yoga and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What’s This Research About? CTS affects a significant number of Americans and is a cause for lost earnings for employees and businesses. Rehabilitation can be expensive and time consuming. Yoga has been shown to positively affect musculoskeletal conditions so they wanted to see how a carefully designed yoga program might affect a [...]

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Yoga and Osteoporosis

What’s This Research About? How does yoga affect bone mineral density? We might assume because we are using body weight in yoga poses that it increases bone mineral density. Can we recommend yoga to people with osteoporosis and or osteopenia? Based on a common sense assumption that yoga poses use bodyweight and [...]

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Neck Pain and Virtual Feedback

What’s This Research About? This study looks at the effect of visual input and proprioception on pain. What if you knew that every time you turned your head past a certain point you felt pain? What if you used virtual reality (VR) technology to trick yourself into thinking you turned your head [...]

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