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I've acquired many yoga and movement science certifications in order to get a modern understanding of the body and how we move. I started the Yoga & Beyond podcast and co-authored the Exposing Yoga Myths book series in order to share that perspective. Turns out there's a large audience hungry for this kind of information! YMR is the next step in that process of bringing modern science to yoga education. I also teach group classes, private sessions, and lead continuing education workshops for movement professionals. I have a straight-forward (no BS) approach that combines yoga with other movement disciplines to help clients be strong, restore mobility and feel energized. Rather than the typical fast and furious yoga "workout", I emphasize mindful and practical strength in movement. Learn more about Ariana.

Bikram Yoga: Core Body Temperature

What’s This Research About? This study examines the effect of a standard Bikram yoga class on core temperatures (Tc), heart rate (HR) and perceived exertion levels (RPE). TITLE: (This study was published on two sites with different titles) ACE Study Examines Effects of Bikram Yoga on Core Body Temps (on ACE website) Heart [...]

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Yoga and Athletic Performance: College Athletes

What’s This Research About? This study looks at the effect of a yoga program on the athletic performance on male college athletes. They hypothesized that a regular yoga practice for 10 weeks would improve their balance, flexibility and joint angles. TITLE: Impact of 10 weeks of yoga practice on flexibility and balance of [...]

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Yoga and Athletic Performance: Speed Skating

What’s This Research About? The researchers hypothesized that a customized yoga program would improve the speed skaters “physical literacy” and “muscle synergy” and that the newly learned movements skills would transfer to their skating. They wanted to see if adding yoga classes to their regular training programs would diversify their movement skills [...]

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Hip Strength, Ankle Instability and GRFs

What’s This Research About? Does hip strengthening affect ground reactions forces (GRFs) when landing a jump? In other words, how does proximal stability affect distal mobility? This study examines how hip strength affects  the knees and ankles in female athletes with a history of ankle injury. Why focus on female athletes? Because [...]

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Ankle Instability and Knee Kinematics

What’s This Research About? Yoga teachers and movement professionals tend to say it’s all connected. This paper touches on an aspect of that, namely how the ankle (a distal joint) affects more proximal joints of the knees and hips as well as landing kinematics. They ask several questions pertaining to CAI’s impact [...]

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Capoeira, Core Stability and Landing Jumps

What’s This Research About? Core stability training (CST) is popular in athletic training programs, however, there is not much research about how CST improves athletic performance. This study looks at how female athletes who practice Capoeira might benefit from CST and how it impacts their landing kinetics. Landing kinetics are important because [...]

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Power Yoga: Does it Burn More Calories?

What’s This Research About? This study compared the calorie expenditure and oxygen consumption of high-speed yoga (HSY) to that of standard-speed yoga (SSY). They wanted to see if there would be a difference between the two. They hypothesized that HSY would yield greater energy expenditure (EE) and than SSY and would also [...]

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Chronic Pain and Hypermobility

What’s This Research About? This paper is a topical review on the complexity of hypermobility and chronic pain and provides an overview of the major challenges within hypermobility-related patient care and research. They also suggest potential solutions for the development of more accurate diagnostic procedures and more effective treatment. TITLE: Chronic pain in [...]

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